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Enjoy seeing all of the pictures we have of our wonderful German Shepherd dogs and the dogs of our clients. Scroll down to see pictures of some of the puppies from specific parents.

"Hello all,
I wanted to let you know that Tick has made himself completely at home here. He has confiscated a few spots on the floor around the house as his and he has eased the passing of my Father. I Moved my parents into my house around 8 months ago and since that time Tick had formed a bond with my father and when my dad became sick Tick was the most joy that Dad seemed to enjoy. I wanted you to know how much Tick has come to mean to this family. My mother is scared to death of dogs but Tick and her get along great. He has brought joy and love into our house and I wanted you to know that we love and cherich him every day."
Raymond Becraft

At nine months Fred is a very happy, friendly guy. He is very agile and "glides" when he runs. Fred is not aggressive and is friendly with almost everyone we meet but on the other hand he is always alert and lets us know when something is different or if someone comes into the house unannounced. He has a true German Shepherd bark and voices his opinion if something is not right. For example, he was very vocal this week when a neighbor's son approached our yard in a fireman's outfit until the young man took off his jacket and Fred realized who he was. It was very interesting, and he behaved exactly the way he should have. We take him to work with us in the morning, (we have our own office and he has quiet cool places where he likes to nap) and bring him home at lunch and he has the run of the house till we get home about 5PM. Up until about a month ago we kept him in a very large crate in the afternoon or when we were gone for a few hours. Then we realized he is so well behaved on his own that there was no reason to crate him. (although I must say he never minded going into the crate and was not upset when we came home). He usually has a play date with our neighbor's dog after work or we go for a walk. Our next door neighbor has a female (spayed) hound-mix dog that is about 50 pounds and she and Fred have become best friends. They have a fenced in yard and welcome Fred to come over and play with their dog. It's comical, they run and play and work off their energy, Fred could easily over power her but there is a very good give & take between them. It's a real pleasure to have a dog that is happy and secure enough to be alert but not overly aggressive with other dogs and in new situations. He is very smart and responsive to us, affectionate and playful at the same time."
Sandy Renner

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